Wallpaper Guidelines

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Rules to Follow

  • The complete rights to use the picture should be yours.
  • Do no submit any images containing identifiable faces of individuals, including public figures or celebrities.
  • Do no submit any images containing nudity, pornography or any other content that may be considered offensive to individuals, any perticular culture, race etc.
  • Do not submit images with watermark or signatures.
  • Do not submit images that contain any trademarked or copyrighted material, unless you present appropriate rights to use the image.
  • Do not use Libresoft's logos and trademarks, including the SuperX logo in your images unless you have obtained rights to use them from Libresoft.
  • Do not submit the same image for consideration more than one time. Duplicate submissions will be disqualified unless you have dramatically improved the quality of the image. If you find an error in your submission, you may resubmit it a single time by filling out the submission form again. Please enter the exact same title for your wallpaper as the original submission when you resubmit.
  • Wallpapers submitted here should not be submitted anywhere else until or unless the images get rejected.

Technical Requirements

  • An aspect ratio of 16:10 is required with minimum dimensions of 4096x2560 pixels. 5120x3200 is preferred when available. Do not upscale.
  • Files must be saved as PNG images in the "sRGB" color space. 16-bit images are preferred.
  • Do not use lossy compression. You may use LZW or ZIP lossless compression.
  • Do not use the JPEG format or the "Adobe RGB" colors pace anywhere in your work flow. Shoot RAW or 16-bit TIFF.
  • Post-processing should be minimal and conducted with great care. If you are not an expert, less is always more.
  • Files in your submission should be no more than 60 MB in size each.
  • Feel free to submit a second aspect ratio file of the same image. This could be an ultra-wide, multi-monitor version or a special crop meant for a particular device.
  • If submitting multiple versions of the same wallpaper, the images need to be labeled with the respective information. For example, an image with a smaller resolution or a different aspect ratio.

To help make it easier for you to take reference, the image below shows all the aspect ratios and resolutions of the most popularly accepted monitors for PC’s in 2014: