Upgrade your system from the command line

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In many cases, such as upgrading system tools, and system recovery, its necessary to upgrade your system from the command-line interface. While its not a difficult task, people often get afraid even before trying. So we decided to write this simple guide for everyone.

Please make sure you have an active Internet connection while performing the upgrade.

Open the Terminal

Click on the SuperX Menu

SuperX Menu Here.png

Open the Terminal by going to System category in the SuperX Menu as shown below:

SuperX Menu Terminal open.png

Running the Commands

Note: You need an active Internet connection to perform the following operations.

Type in (or copy paste) the following and press enter:

pkcon refresh; pkcon update

As shown in the picture below, you will be asked to enter your password upon your enter the above commands. Enter you password and press Enter key again.

Terminal upgrade.png

Finally, wait until the process has completed

Apt upgrade running.png