Share folders over the network

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Sharing using SAMBA

1. Install system-config-samba and gksu from Package Manager.

Samba installation.png

2. Open samba from App Launcher. Enter your password when prompt.

Samba password.png

3. Go to preferences, server settings -> add your workgroup name


4. Go to preferences, samba users, add a samba username and password

Saamba user1.png

5. To share a folder or file, click on "+" and navigate to the folder or file by clicking "browse"

6. Now give it a share name and proper permission with writeable and visibl.

Browse folder.png

7. Click on Access tab, tick on allow access to everyone.

Sharing using SFTP

1. Click on Network in the right hand side of the file manager.


2. Click on Add Network Folder


3. Click on Secure Shell


4. Give required details as shown in the screenshot below. The username is a user in the remote machine which credentials you will use to login.