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The SuperX OS is made to make Linux computing more simple and easy for general users. It is easy to use, easy to install and includes everything you need

to run your organisation, school, home or enterprise. It’s also open source, secure, accessible and free to download.

Superx desktop.jpg


Hardware specifications:-

  1. CPU: Dual-core 64-bit CPU (any modern Intel of AMD CPU)
  2. RAM: Minimum 1 GB, Recommended 4 GB
  3. Storage: Minimum 20 GB, Recommended 80 GB


You’ll need to consider the following before starting the installation:

  • Connect Your laptop to a power source.
  • Recommended Internet connection
  • Have Access to a USB flash drive containing the version of SuperX you want to install.
  • Make Sure you have a recent backup of your data. While it’s unlikely that anything will go wrong, you can never be too prepared.

We also have an article on creating a bootable usb that explain how to create an SuperX DVD or USB flash drive.

Boot from USB flash drive

Most computers will boot from USB automatically. Simply insert the USB flash drive and either power on your computer or restart it. You should see the

same welcome window , prompting you to choose your language and either install or try the SuperX desktop.

If your computer doesn’t automatically boot from USB, try holding F12 when your computer first starts. With most machines, this will allow you to select

the USB device from a system-specific boot menu.

F12 is the most common key for bringing up your system’s boot menu, but Escape, F2 and F10 are common alternatives. If you’re unsure, look for a brief

message when your system starts - this will often inform you of which key to press to bring up the boot menu.

Installation Wizard

Install or try screen

Once the system is booted using the USB Or disk you can see the following screen presented before you with options including “Try SuperX” and

“Install SuperX” as shown in the image below,

Even though when you click “Try SuperX” you can have a sneak peek into the SuperX without installing it in your system, our goal here is to install

SuperX in your system. So click “Install SuperX ” to continue with the installation process.

Choose your Keyboard layout

Choose your favourite keyboard layout and click “Continue”. By default English (US) keyboard is selected and if you want to change, you can change

in this window and click “Continue”,


Wireless and software segments

Download Updates While Installing SuperX (select this option if your system has internet connectivity during installation)

Install third party software for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware, MP3 and additional media formats  Select this option if your system has internet connectivity.


click on “Continue” to proceed with installation

Disk Setup

Next the installer presents you with the following installation options including:

  • Guided- use entire disk
  • Guided- use entire disk and set up LVM
  • Guided- use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM
  • Manual


  • Guided- use entire disk – Choose this option if your system is going to have only SuperX and erasing anything other than that is not a problem. This
  • ensures a fresh copy of SuperX is installed in your system.
  • Encrypt the new SuperX installation for security – Choose this option if you are looking for extended security for your disks as your disks will be completely
  • encrypted. If you are beginner, then it is better not to worry about this option.
  • Use LVM with the new SuperX installation – Choose this option if you want to use LVM based file systems.
  • Manual- Choose this option if you are advanced user and you want to manually create your own partitions and want to install Superx along with existing
  • OS (May be Windows or other Linux Flavor)

Guided- use entire disk

For this option just select this and click install now. [Recommended for new users]

Disk setup a.png

Now click on “Continue” to begin the process of copying the files.

Installation promt.png

Guided- use entire disk and set up LVM

[coming soon]

Guided- use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM

[coming soon]


[coming soon]

Select Your Time zone

Choose your Current time zone and then click on “Continue”. So as to avail the correct time in your area.


User Info

In the next screen you will be prompted to provide your user credentials. In this screen provide your name, computer name, username and the password to

login into SuperX.


Click “Continue” to begin the installation process.

Start Install

Start install.png

The installation of SuperX starts now and will take around 5-10 mins depending on the speed of your computer,


Once the installation is completed, you will be prompted with the popup as shown below click on restart now.


Login to Your SuperX

Once your system has been rebooted after the installation then you will get the beneath login screen, enter the User name and password that you have set

during installation.

Login screen.png

Enter the password to log on to your desktop and enjoy your fresh SuperX install.