How to reset your desktop layout to default

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SuperX has a modular desktop interface (The KDE Plasma 5 desktop) that is very customisation with widgets and every user can customise the interface too his her choice.

However at times, we find that new users while experimenting with the new OS, manages to break the desktop in a manner that may not be easy for a new user to fix.

To address this issue, here we put forward some simple steps that can be used to reset the desktop to its original layout.

Open the Control Panel (System Settings) when there is no bottom Panel ("taskbar") or application menu available

In many cases people resort to restoring the default layout when they have accidentally deleted the bottom panel, hence here we are starting the Control Panel by using the Run command (KRunner) instead of clicking the menu icons. However, if you have the menu available, you can open the Control Panel from the menu also.

Close or minimize all active Windows so that the desktop wallpaper is visible and start typing "control panel", the run command will appear from the top as shown below: Krunner no panel.png

As shown in the image, type in the name of the application, in this case the Control Panel and use your mouse of the Enter key to start the Control Panel.

Resetting the Desktop layout

In the System Settings, open the Global Theme module as shown below:

Global Theme1.png

Select the SuperX (or SuperX Pro in case of you are using SuperX Pro) theme, then select the Use desktop layout from theme, and click Apply as shown below:

Global Themes list.png

Now wait for the desktop to reload, this could take a few seconds depending upon your hardware.