How to reset your desktop layout to default

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SuperX has a modular desktop interface (The KDE Plasma 5 desktop) that is very customisation with widgets and every user can customise the interface too his her choice.

However at times, we find that new users while experimenting with the new OS, manages to break the desktop in a manner that may not be easy for a new user to fix.

To address this issue, here we put forward some simple steps that can be used to reset the desktop to its original layout.

Open the Terminal

Click on the SuperX Menu

SuperX Menu Here.png

Open the Terminal by going to System category in the SuperX Menu as shown below:

SuperX Menu Terminal open.png

Resetting the Desktop layout

Type in (or copy paste) the following and press enter:

cp -f /etc/skel/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc

As shown in the picture below, type the above command or copy-paste it into the terminal and then press enter. This command will reset the desktop configuration.

No other files will be touched apart from the desktop configuration file, so no need to worry about loosing any data.

Reset desktop command.png

Restarting the system

Once the above is done, restart your system to see the changes.

Click on SuperX Menu

SuperX Menu Here.png

Click on the restart icon in the top of the SuperX Menu as shown below:

Menu restart.png

Finally click "Reboot" option as shown below:

Overlay restart.png