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Documentation is an important part of any software, and this is no different for SuperX. This Documentation and Help Wiki is a reflection of Libresoft and the SuperX Community as a whole. Every contributor must understand the importantance of quality documentation, to help them out some basic rules have been provided.

How to get an account

To contribute to this wiki, you must get an account. To get an account please send us an email to [email protected] asking for an account.

Rules to follow

Although this wiki is free to edit by anyone but you must follow some standards so that we can together provide a consistent documentation for SuperX. Please have a read.


  • Write in plain language
  • Provide examples
  • Provide simple and clear explanations
  • Break up complex guides into simple steps
  • Use screenshots as much as possible
  • Keep in mind that the wiki is intended for absolute beginners
  • Try to keep the general layout and formatting of your articles consistent with the others
  • Write in your own style - it makes life a bit more interesting!
  • Take your time - quality over quantity


  • Create articles that basically just link to other wikis and/or articles.
  • Put personal opinion as fact.
  • Write shit. Anything your write must make sense, use punctuation to make things clear to understand.
  • Get possessive over your content. This is a collaborative effort, and others are entitled to make tweaks and changes here and there, just as you are.
  • Delete content without first contacting the Wiki Admin for permission.
  • Undertake any major revisions or re-structuring without first contacting the Wiki Admin for permission.
  • Write insulting, derogatory, or libellous claims against other organizations or individuals.
  • Submit copyrighted content.