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When we tell people about SuperX, people ask us, "Is this something like Windows?". Well the answer is Yes and No. There are lot of similarities between SuperX and Windows. And there is a fair share of differences.

What is an operating System

Before talking about Windows or SuperX or any other Operating System, first let us understand what is an operating System. One does not actually see an operating system ever. The purpose of an operating system is to maintain a bridge between user, software and hardware. It is like a moderator. It manages hardware resources between programs. Lets see an example. you are using a word processing software to print a document. How do the program gets the printer?it asks the OS something like "dude I need the printer" and then the OS depending on various factors,decides whether or not to give the printer.An operating System can do way more than this.For now just keep in mind that an OS manages software and hardware.

To confuse you even more let me tell you something.An operating System itself is a software.

to know more about Operating Systems,there is always wikipedia to save the day

ok now I guess you have got a basic idea of Operating what is windows and SuperX? they are simply operating systems. Both more or less have similar life goals (i.e) to manage hardware and software.Both have a GUI desktop,web browser,tools for doing office work,games etc.okay now things are getting more vague dont they?If both have same goal and both have same tasks then what is the difference?

to answer the question in one line.Its the difference between one software and another software.something like difference between photoshop and GIMP. to be more elaborate,lets see one by one what makes SuperX different from windows

Powered By Linux

SuperX is a Linux based operating System.(i.e) it uses Linux as its Kernel.which means its faster.Linux kernel is used in many Operating Systems across multiple devices ranging from mobile phones to servers to switches and routes and even robots.Linux is opensource software.That means it is safe.No one can mess with the code.Its virus free unlike windows.You may ask why?its simple the code is open to and me can look into it make changes,contribute or even customize it for your own taste.So even if some evil minded guy plants a virus in the code more or less it could be found and removed within a day.because there are more than 3000 active contributors working on it day and night.see for yourself.take a look at linux on github.

faster updates

This is a feature of every Linux Based distro. There is always a team of programmers working on fixing things and releasing patches and updates for dont have to wait for two, three years and hope that a bug will be fixed in the next major release.The updates are as quick as monthly to even weekly depending on the issues and fixes.This is because SuperX uses a model called rolling release.


This is the main reason I would recommend you to choose SuperX over windows.Support for users.There is a huge community for supporting and helping you out in your issues regarding SuperX. You can Always visit the SuperX Forums or the IRC and ask for help.Also since SuperX is a fork of ubuntu which has even bigger community most probably you'll get your problem solved with just a google search.Your problem gets solved faster in SuperX than in windows.


wait!what? freedom? what does that mean?we here at SuperX are free software free doesn't always have to mean free as in cost.Its free as in Freedom.Its like free speech and not free beer.We give you freedom to chose.You don't need to use one operating system because you dont have any other option.You can chose between SuperX or Windows or any other operating System.Even within SuperX you can choose.for example SuperX comes with a tweaked version ofKDE as its default desktop environment.You dont like it?no problem.just install any other environment which you like say for example GNOME or XFCE or LXDE and use it.can you do that in windows?That is what freedom is about.Now again SuperX comes with one particular version of Linux say 2.6 now you think its too old? and cant wait till we update it to the latest?why are you waiting anyways? we give you freedom to upgrade yourself.Can windows do it?


We have tried to tell here the major but very few differences between windows and SuperX but there is more.Also we might have missed some personally.Maybe our prespective is different.So why not check that for yourself?go on grab a copy of SuperX from Downloads section and see for yourself.