Introduction to the User Interface

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Superx default desktop 2.png This section of the guide will focus on giving users a clear idea of SuperX.



App Launcher

1. Click on the button on the left hand side of the Panel to launch the App Launcher.

2. The App Launcher has three tabs, Home, Applications and Power.

  • Home Tab: The home tab shows your favorite applications and recent documents.

  • Applications: The application tab shows all your installed applications in a categorized manner.

  • Power: The power tab has power management controls such as Shutdown and Restart and session management controls such as Lock, Logout and New Session

Changing the wallpaper

To change the wallpaper follow the following steps:

1. Right Click on the desktop, and Click Desktop Settings on the right click menu.

2. Now select the wallpaper you want to apply and click Apply and then OK

Volume control

To change the system volume, click on the speaker icon. A vertical will pop-up as shown in the image below.

Drag the slider up or down to increase or decrease the volume.

System Tray

Clock & Calender

The clock and the calender sits on the far right side.

Clicking on the clock shows the calender, the calender highlights holidays and other important days.

Shutting down the computer

1. To shutdown the computer, go to the power tab

2. Click on Shutdown

Working with files and folders

Home folder

Home folder is the primary folder of the user system.

Creating new folder

To create a new folder click on Create Folder

Folder create.png