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HP LaserJet Printer installation guide

Under Constrution

1. Adding root password. Run the following command in the Terminal

sudo passwd root

Sudo passwd root.png

2. Installing dependencies. Run the following command in the Terminal

sudo apt-get install --force-yes avahi-utils libcups2 cups libcups2-dev cups-bsd cups-client libcupsimage2-dev libdbus-1-dev build-essential ghostscript openssl libjpeg-dev libsnmp-dev snmp-mibs-downloader libtool libusb-1.0.0-dev wget policykit-1 policykit-1-gnome python3-dbus python3-gi python3-dev python3-notify2 python3-imaging python3-pyqt4 gtk2-engines-pixbuf python3-dbus.mainloop.qt python3-reportlab python3-lxml libsane libsane-dev sane-utils xsane python-all-dev

Hp dependency.png

3. Downloading and Installing hplip-3.14.6. Run the following command in the Terminal

wget http://nchc.dl.sourceforge.net/project/hplip/hplip/3.14.6/hplip-3.14.6.run

OR Go to this link and download the file. Download


Hp download.png

Go to the folder where hplip-3.14.6.run is downloaded. Then right click on a free space then -->Actions-->Open Terminal Here. A new terminal window will appear. Type in the command below and follow the setup steps as required.

sh hplip-3.14.6.run

Open terminal.png Hp terminal.png

Note: when the setup asks for OS name and version, give option 7 i.e Ubuntu and version as option 7 i.e 14.04. When asked, always select yes(y) and automatic(a) on the setup.