Connecting to Internet via USB Dongle

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To connect your 3G/4G USB Dongle, follow the following steps:

1. Click on network icon.


2. Click on Settings icon.


3. Click on Add.


4. Click on Mobile Broadband.


5.Select your USB dongle and Click on Next.


6. Select Provider's Country and Click Next .


7. Select Provider from list and Click Next.

Net6 c.png

8. Choose Billing plan and Click Next.

Net7 c.png

9. Confirm Broadband Setting.

Net8 c.png

10. If necessary edit the required fields and Click OK.

Net9 c.png

11. Click on Connect.

Net10 c.png

Installing Linux supported 3G/4G dongle Application

1. Copy all the files contained in the Installation drive of the dongle (includes or to your home Directory .

2. Now Right click on a free space where the or files exists.

3. Goto Actions-> Open Terminal Here

4. A terminal window will appear. Now type "sudo ./" if is available or "sudo ./" if is available.

5. Follow the instruction while installation.

6. After installation you can find your app in SuperX App Center.