Check a Downloaded ISO Image For Errors

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Before burning your newly downloaded ISO image to a DVD or make a bootable USB drive out of it, it makes sense to verify if the image has no errors. Errors may be caused by improper downloads or file corruption. The following guide will show how to check the ISO image for any possible errors.

Checking an ISO image on Windows

On Windows, you can grab the WinMD5 utility. Run the application and then browse for the file, and you'll get the MD5 checksum. Compare it with the MD5 hashes in the download page. If they match, the download is successful and error-free. Else you may need to download the file again.

Checking an ISO image on Linux

After downloading the ISO image and saving it to a memorable location, open a terminal (or console). Then navigate to the right path with cd command.

cd /path/to/download/

Then, if the file is named SuperX_2.1.1_Ada_64-bit.iso, type the following command:

md5sum SuperX_2.1.1_Ada_64-bit.iso

Then compare the checksum that is shown with the MD5 hashes on the download page. If they match, the download is error-free and successful. Else the file has errors and you need to download again.

A picture for reference is given below: