Canon AIO Printer/Scanner

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Setting up Canon AIO series Printers with scanner

  • The scanner support for Canon AIO Printers are supported Out of the Box. Just Plug in the Printer and run scan application from Superx App Launcher.
  • If the Network connected Canon AIO Printer's scanner is not detected by the scan application than you have to configure the application to find the scanner on the network.
  • To configure the scanner, Follow the below instructions.

1. Open File Manager

2. Go to /etc/sane.d/, Right click on the file pixma.conf, Go to Root Actions--> Open As Text.


Run the following command in Terminal

kdesudo kwrite /etc/sane.d/pixma.conf

3. Add a line at the end of the document containing the IP address of your Scanner followed by bjnp://. It should be look like...


4. Save the file.

5. Restart the PC and open Scan application.